Reader's Comments

    "Your book is great, Martha! Angrifying that you and your mom were so
    mistreated by the agency! I will put a link in my online book store to the
    amazon page."--Joe Soll  (View his website:

    "I've been meaning to tell you how truly wonderful, plus beautifully
    crafted, your new book is.  It radiates your energy---a greater than
    great job."
    --Marilyn Taylor

    i enjoyed your book so much. Are you going to do some kind of
    continuation? My thoughts are I wonder what happens after families re-
    connect. Does it continue? etc etc etc.....anyway, I truly loved it! And it
    was interesting getting to know you better, even if it was thru a book.
        --Pam Hopkins

    Your book arrived today and I could hardly put it down as I began to
    read it.  Congratulations on achieving this expression of your
    passionate lifelong search.

    Keep writing!"I couldn't put your book down once I started reading--
    totally gripping!  Kudos for your unflagging persistence in overcoming
    unbelievable obstacles.  The book also gave me more insight into who
    you are, and why.  One friend has read the book, another is in the
    middle of it, and another is waiting for it.  I am going to order a couple of
    copies--one for my sister, Roz.  I also promoted it at my International
    Relations meeting this week and will mention it in our March newsletter.  
    (I'm editing this little newsletter, and I'm going to send you a copy,
    hoping you will have some advice on how to improve it.)
        --Iris Beilan

    Finished “Coming Together” night before last, Martha.  That’s a great
    book.  When the travel agent screwed up and sent you to TN after all
    that waiting, I was fuming!  And I knew it worked out all right in the end.

    Martha’s book is really quite good.  I think it would appeal to just about
    anyone because it’s so straight-forward, emotional, and well-written, but
    it would be of particular interest to anyone who is adopted, an adoptive
    parent, the sibling of an adoptee, or the friend of any of the above.  So,
    just about EVERYONE.
     --Kenton Adler

    It is a well-written, inspiring book..
       --Cheri Baker

    I read your book tonight and many parts of it made me cry. I wish we
    could have been closer over the years. . .We all speak of, and seek
    closure, but I'm not sure it is ever complete.
       -Mickey Foster, the author's birth brother

    Last night I read your book, (Yes, the whole book). I'm glad I read it.
    Congratulations, noted author.
        -Bob Cameron

    I just finished your most interesting book. You have a wonderful way
    with words.As I turned the pages, I felt I was there with you during the
    entire frustrating process. It was a reminder of how difficult it was to
    search back then. & all the data bases make it much
    easier now but you still need to have names! Many of the adoption
    agencies still live in the dark ages and just don't get it.  Job well done
         -Karen Tinkham

    Just a quick note to let you know how much I am learning from your
    book, Coming Together, and Adoptee's Story. Well done!  Fantastic
    informative treasure of a book!
        --Mary W. Black

    I just finished your wonderful [book].  I made a cup of tea and snuggled
    down to read.   I couldn't put your riveting story down until I got to the
    last page!!!!  I am not adopted, but so many of the emotional feelings
    and questions you have written so well parallel my own search for
    'self.'   Martha, your journey is so inspirational.  I admire and appreciate
    what you have done.   I know it will be a great help to the many who are
    searching for completion in their lives.  It is so important.  Many thanks
    for sharing your book.   I am so pleased to have it, and I'll share it with
    some other friends.
          --Ora Beth Cesarini    

    Coming Together is a book that is a must-read for any adoptee and
    her/his families. Shideler is the Indiana Jones of adoptee searchers - I
    pored through the book in one read. I won't even hint at any spoilers,
    but I will say that I loved how honest she is in her frustration with
    medical and adoption bureaucracies. If you have been adopted, are a
    biological parent of an adoptee, or an adoptive parent, Shideler will let
    you know that no matter what you feel, you are not alone. This needs to
    be excerpted in Oprah's magazine!
         --Mary Sojourner

    Thanks so much for sending the book. I sat down and read the whole
    thing some of which I knew. Awesome story Marty...when are you writing
    the sequel?
        --Dea Brasgalla

    I read most of your book last night and finished the rest this evening.  
    Quite a tale, all right.  I'd heard some of the fragments before, but the
    continuity made it a real page-turner!  Of course it's quite revealing
    about you, intimate details about your pain and your joys as well as
    other qualities like your perseverance and your loves.  It was a
    wonderful and touching portrait.  And a huge accomplishment!
        --Caislin Weathers

    I am devouring your book and learning a lot about syndromes that
    apply to my niece and nephew.  I am especially enjoying getting to know
    you.  Many thanks, it means a lot to me.
        -Molly Lind Shirley

    Coming Together arrived yesterday and I have just finished reading it.  
    You have educated me in regard to adoptees and their struggles.  A
    close friend (since second grade) was adopted, not aware of the fact
    until she was in her teens.  She didn't face your obstacles but did finally
    connect with family members.  I admire your spirit and determination.  
    [Another copy] was ordered and will make a nice gift.
        -Grace Fites

    I loved, loved, loved your book. It was absolutely wonderful. Thanks for
    sharing your story.  I'm not adopted, but three people who are very
    important in my life are. That's what drew me to your book. I thought
    you wrote an honest and thoughtful book.
         --Teresa Burns Murphy

    My sister REALLY enjoyed your book but said she wanted to know what
    happened next!-
        -Judy Pittman

    Read your book cover to cover in 1 hour flat. Thank you for expressing
    many of the immense emotions I too have felt and hidden believing I
    should be happy to be "chosen". There is a sense of extended family
    for me with other adoptees. I guess a part of me will always try and feel
    that connection lost when I was days old. Thank you for the gift,
    -Chandi New