Martha Shideler, author

    Martha Shideler lives in a log cabin in the woods at the end of a long winding dirt road near
    Flagstaff, Arizona.  For several years she  taught English on the Navajo Reservation, and for
    thirty years owned and operated Aradia, an independent bookstore in Flagstaff.   

    An advocate for Adoptee Rights, she founded the Flagstaff Adoption Search and Support

    Martha remains fascinated by all things Celtic,  travels to Ireland and Scotland whenever
    possible, edits The Independent Celt--a monthly newsletter  for Arizona Celts--and, in her
    spare time, plays the bagpipes.  

    Her first book--Caitlin:  Priestess of the Goddess--is a fictional account of a girl in pre-
    Christian, pre-Druidic Ireland.

    Her second book--Coming Together--is the fast paced story of her twenty-seven year
    search for her biological family..
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